OCaml GL Rider


March 14th 2009

A lot of time passed. The bindings are now pretty complete and stable. However in the meantime the CamlGL project by Elliot Oti emerged. It uses a very similar approach but since I don't use OpenGL with OCaml anymore it is probably much more actively maintained.

April 8th 2006

Initial release. Really nothing useful here, yet.


OCaml GL Rider is an OpenGL bindings library based on Glew. It's code is automatically generated by a small OCaml program. It uses Glew's extension skeleton descriptors which can be generated from the extension specifications of the OpenGL ARB. Additionally it supports GLFW

Alternatives + Reasoning

There are two alternative OCaml bindings for OpenGL: lablGL and camlgl. The goals of OCaml GL Rider are: