General information

Help for the Turtlegame editors. You need them to be installed in the same directory as The Turtlegame.
Done by Jan Rehders, 1999-2001. All rights reserved. See below for legal information
These editors may still have errors and functions may not work so I cant guarantee anything will work. You use these editors at your own risk

Please send your selfmade levels to me and I will put them on the turtlegame site for download.
The editors should be selfexplaining. If you have got any questions mail me. Maybe I'll make a FAQ.

Level Editor

You may switch between 5 modes through the icons in the toolbar
You may change the tileset via Level/Select Tileset. Note that some tiles behave different in each tile set
You can see some infos about your level with Level/Info
A screen in the game is sized 40x30 tiles

Select a tile from the left side bar by clicking it
Place tiles by clicking on the level view
Get the tile under the cursor by holding down Alt while clicking on the level
Fill a rectangle with the selected tile by holding down Ctrl while dragging a rect
Place a free tile (tile index 0) by right clicking the level view

Objects are simple things, actors are enemies
Select an object/enemy from the list in the side bar
Place it by clicking in the level view
Select the object/enemy under the mouse cursor by holding down Alt while clicking
Delete the selected object/enemy by clicking the X button in the toolbar or by hitting Ctrl+X

Start positons
The players will be inserted at the 1st and 2nd start position
All other start positions will be ignored
Start postions are displayed as blue circles filled white with a blue X through it
Ignore start positions in other colors - they are caused by a bug and are ignored
Place a start postition by clicking the level view
Select one by holding Alt while clicking it
Delete selected by hitting Ctrl-X or clicking the X icon in the toolbar

Triggers cause different actions once they are reached by the player
The only work if 'Player Enters' is selected in the upper drop-down-box at the side bar
You can select the action done when the trigger is triggered with the lower drop-down-box
Currently there are three options:

Changing the level order

If you open Data/levellist.dat with a text editor you can insert your own levels to be played.


The editors are mostly free. That means you may freely use them and modify them as long as you include a short summary of your changes along with your name in a text file that is placed in the same directory as this file. You must not change the legal information ! Any changes made may be included in future releases of this product.

If you want to distribute this product please contact me via mail.

In no case you may take money for this product. If you would like to include it in any commercial product, including but not limited to magazines, shareware collections etc. you have to contact me at and ask for my permission.

The product is distributed 'as is'. That means that no warranty is given. By using this product you agree that you won't make me responsible for any damage caused by this product. YOU USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR OWN RISK !!!

Visit the turtlegame in the internet.

This product is intellectual property of Jan Rehders ( Hamburg, Germany )